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Cubeia Casino

Cubeia offers new and exciting slots and arcade style casino games

Slot Games

Our slot games break the mold of traditional slots, with themes targeted towards PC, console and casual gamers. The games are optimized for mobile use but scales up on desktop as well.

Slots Slots
Spec Ops

eSports action

Assume the role of the special operations team in this exciting game that draws on many large online PC games. The game is rich with features such as freespins, respins, stacked wilds, weapon spinner and more!

Arcade Games

Our Arcade Casino Games is completly new type of games that explore an intersection between regular video games and casino games. They are designed to resonate with a younger audience that grew up with computer and console games.

Arcade Arcade

Old school
space shooter

Place your wager and claim your winnings by shooting the asteroids and other enemies. Classic game play. Features three different worlds with varying volatility and UFO targets for high wins.


Quick &
Easy pickup game

Place your wager and your character will run across the screen and pick up items. Get enough items and you will win! Very quick rounds and extremely easy to play. Strong theme to remind you of the old platformers from before.


First Person

Thrilling arcade casino game that mimics famous first person shooter games but in a casino format. Target the enemy, win money on hits and progress through different levels. Features include weapon selection, power-ups, multiple levels, custom 3D graphics and more!

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