Cubeia Nano

Next generation iGaming platform

White Label Platform

Cubeia Nano is a new type of light weight platform to boost player engagement and conversion


The client is optimised for fast loading and responsiveness throughout the entire user journey


Every user interaction is made as simple and intuitive as possible


Integration with Sportsbooks, Casino providers and of course Cubeia Poker

Crypto Payments

Crypto as a core feature in the platform for better experience. Over 1,600 crypto currencies supported.

Business Intelligence

Integrations with Google Analytics and Amplitude for better BI

Payment Providers

Integrations with Trustly, APCO, Skrill, ACH and more

Back Office

System Administration

Back Office

System Administration

The included back office tools allows you to configure your system in regards to deposits, withdrawals, currencies and much more as well as drill down into users, payments, accounting, transactions and more.

Back office users can be created with different roles so you can assign support personnel to only have access to a specific part of the back office for better security.

Happy Users

Customer Support

Happy Users

Customer Support

Customer service is the new marketing. Cubeia Nano integrates with Freshchat both in the client application and in the back office. Freshchat allows users to communicate with customer support in real time which gives a great opportunity to solve any user issue before he becomes unhappy.

Withdrawals are by default approved manually but rules can be configured to allow for instant approval making withdrawals fast & easy for user.

Cloud Operations


Cloud Operations


Cubeia Nano uses Docker and Kubernetes which supports virtualizations and cloud deployment. It enables rapid setup of new environments, horisontal scaling and continuous delivery.

By encapsulating the system in Kubernetes allows you to run Cubeia Nano in your own cloud account (e.g. Amazon AWS, Google Cloud) making sure that you own the player data. If your data is not in your own database, then it is not really your data.

We also offer source code licensing of Cubeia Nano, enabling you to fork the entire system into your direction if so desired.

Cubeia Poker License

To enquiry about a Cubeia Poker license please contact us on

Cubeia is a software development company founded 2007 and based in Stockholm, Sweden with the mission to create kick-ass software for the igaming industry.

Cubeia Sweden AB, is a company registered in the Sweden with no. 559009-6292 and registered address at Stora Nygatan 44, 111 27 Stockholm Sweden.